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This is Graeme Browne. He collects in Red Indian Oil, Gasoline and Red Head Oil.

Graeme's path to becoming a seasoned collector was as direct as it comes. While building hot rods and hanging out with collector friends, he quickly learned about the Oil & Gas hobby. It wasn't long before he started with gas pump restorations, collecting vintage porcelain signs, and acquiring rare oil cans...

Richfield Petroleum Becker Oil Company Limited 1930

With no affiliation to Richfield Oil of California, Becker Petroleum started refining operations south of Calgary in the 1930's and began opening Richfield Service Stations. With four Art Deco inspired stations they built prominent locations throughout Calgary including stations in Inglewood and the Kensington areas. They went on to open further stations in Red Deer and Leduc before being squeezed out by Imperial Oil by a price war in of the 1940's...

Oil & Gas Collectibles

It was fate that brought me into the Oil & Gas collectibles hobby, but it's always nice to meet friends along the way that help draw you in deeper. For that I have to personally thank my friends (Texaco) Joe Kelly, Dr. George Springer, and philanthropist / historian Ron D. Carey of Calgary. These three seasoned collectors have helped educate me within the hobby, offered some great advice on how to mature as a collector, and have helped grow my collection by supplying me with some vintage oil cans, porcelain signs, gas pumps and rare service station advertising. 

While Petroliana collecting can be a sound investment for some, I collect for the enjoyment I get  while learning of its history at the same time. My preference is to collect brands deep in historical value, and I search for vintage gas station advertising that offers a glimpse of the way these products were marketed back in the day. As a businessman and an entrepreneur, I've also learned to deal in Oil & Gasoline products in order to secure more items for my collection, and do so while buying, selling and trading with like minded collectors. I warn you though, it's an extremely addictive hobby!    


  • Always do right by fellow collectors.
  • Never forget why you're collecting in the first place.
  • Never misrepresent something you're going to pass along.

"MY BIGGEST FEAR IS WHEN I DIE, MY WIFE WILL SELL MY OIL & GAS collection for what i told her i paid for it"                                                                               --graeme browne