Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Antiques and Collectibles

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Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Antiques and Collectibles

Taking care of antiques and collectibles can be quite a challenge, not because it requires complex procedures, but because it is an important factor for keeping your valuable items in good condition. Antiques and collectibles that are not properly cared for can get easily damaged or destroyed, and they will eventually lose their value. Here are several essential tips that you can follow if you want to ensure your antiques and collectibles are properly cared for.

Antique Furniture


-Do not put your antique furniture under or near direct sunlight, like in front of or near a window. If your furniture is under direct sunlight, its finish will easily fade, and the wood can dry out.

-Keep your antique furniture in an area or place with regulated temperature and humidity. The right humidity is needed to prevent the wood from being damaged.
-Make sure that your furniture is regularly cleaned (dusted off). Additionally, it should be polished at least twice every year. Beeswax polish should be applied to your furniture and left on overnight before it is buffed the following day.
-When cleaning your antique furniture, go simple. Do not use any spray polish as this can damage instead of clean your furniture. The silicon contained in the spray polish can remove the natural oils of the wood.
– Do not position your antique furniture near the air conditioning and ventilation system, as well as near the stove and fireplace.

Antique Jewelry

Antique Indian Nose Jewellery

-Instead of using commercial jewelry cleaners, use only water with soap in cleaning your antique jewelry. A clean toothbrush and some toothpaste will help clean most of your jewelry, especially your diamonds.
– If you plan to use your antique or collectible jewelry, avoid using hairspray or perfume when once you’ve worn the pieces. Exposing your jewelry to the harsh elements contained in the hairspray and perfume can damage them, especially your pearls, golds, and silvers.


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