How to Find A Great Jeweler for Repairs and Custom Jewellery Designs

Are you thinking about buying a custom engagement ring for your partner? Are you looking to invest in some fine jewelry? Well, you need to find the best jeweler to guarantee the best results. Here are a few useful tips to help you find a great jeweler.

  • Experience and Credentials – You need a jeweler with whom you can have a long lasting relationship. Therefore, you need to look at how long the person has been in business and whether his/her store has a good reputation. An established business will have amazing references. Additionally, you need to check whether they have a license and certification to provide these services in the location.
  • Wide Array of Services – Whether you’re looking to buy an engagement ring or any other type of jewelry, you need to work with a jeweler who provides a wide array of services. For instance, the shop should have a gemologist who has enough training in determining the properties of all precious stones. That way, you can get the right jewelry for your budget. Additionally, there should be an experienced jeweler who can resize or repair any jewelry. Therefore, before choosing a specific jeweler, you need to find out the type of services they provide.
  • Wide Selection of Jewelry – If you’re buying an engagement ring, you need to choose from a wide selection. The same goes if you’re buying any other piece of jewelry. Of course, with the wide selection comes proper guidance to make sure that you’re not overwhelmed with the choices. Therefore, find a jeweler who provides a wide selection of choices and also provides the necessary guidance for the best results.  Look also for a quality jeweler who understands the different levels of quality of gold, silver, and other metals such as platinum and rhodium.
  • Knowledgeable – If you have any questions regarding a piece of jewelry or engagement ring, you need to work with a jeweler who is knowledgeable about everything. If there is more than one employee in the jewelry shop, they should also have the relevant information and anticipate any questions the client might ask. If you walk into a jewelry shop and the salesperson fails to answer your questions, you should walk away and find one who can actually provide you with the best answers.

  • Diamond Appraisal and Certification – Yes, you might have very little information regarding a specific piece of jewelry but you shouldn’t take jeweler’s word for truth. You can always ask for a third-party certification from an independent lab to determine whether what you’re buying is natural and authentic. That way, whenever you choose to resale your jewelry, you can get an amount close to the purchase price or more.
  • Warranties and Return Policies – In the event that you have to return the jewelry, make sure you understand the warranties and return policy in place. That way, you can rest assured that you can trust the jeweler regarding your purchase at all times. On the other hand, find a jeweler who is willing to provide more information regarding the custom pieces on sale to guarantee an informed decision effortlessly.

With these useful tips, you can always find the best jeweler for your needs.  For those who live in the greater Vancouver BC area – and specifically Surrey, BC, check out the top Jewelry store in the area – Jewellery Clinic.  Visit their website at

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