Oldgas Online Signs is your online antique and collectibles haven. We boast of having a varied line up of antique items, each one of them with unique stories, characteristics, and style and design. Check out some of our best items:

Vintage Sports Cards

Baseball cards and other sports cards are among the favorite collectibles of men. Oldgas Online Signs has an interesting list of sports cards, including those signed by famous and well-loved baseball legends. Each item is secured and displayed in a safe place, so they are properly preserved. Oldgas Online Signs’ vintage dolls prices range from $_____ to $_______. If you purchase our complete vintage sports cards package, you’ll get a special discount and pay only $________.

Vintage Doll Collection

Vintage dolls belonging to different eras make for an interesting collection. If you love Victorian dolls, porcelain dolls, China dolls, and French dolls, this classic collection will make you drool. Get a discounted rate of $_____ if you buy the complete collection. If you want to purchase the dolls individually, you can do so, too. Their prices range from $______ to $______.

Vintage Furniture

Our vintage furniture collection features some of the finest masterpieces from the earlier years. We have art deco furniture, 16th and 17th-century furniture, 1920s wooden furniture, antique tables, and chairs, and wooden dressers from the 1940s and 1950s, among many others. Prices for these unique collections range from $_____ to $_____.

Vintage Cameras

Antique and vintage cameras are a favorite of many collectors. Here at Oldgas Online Signs, you’ll find a variety of old cameras that are guaranteed to make it to your list of favorites. We have Polaroid cameras, vintage Kodak cameras, Leica cameras, and old film-type cameras. Prices for these special cameras range from $____ to $____. Get a special discount when you buy more than two cameras.